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The RMS counseling department uses a comprehensive program designed to reach students individually and in group settings.  Gwen Eller and Thea Nelson dedicate themselves to the students’ needs emotionally, socially and academically by providing small groups, classroom instruction, individual meetings, and team teaching whenever possible.

Common topics and lessons to support students’ growth include, decision-making, emotional intelligence training, conflict resolution, suicide prevention, grief support, trauma intervention support, and college/career preparation. Counselors will play a significant role in your student’s positive development in middle school.


Students are divided by counselor in the following ways:


Gwen Eller

7th grade last names A-L and 8th grade

254-7000 ext. 39121


Thea Nelson

6th grade and 7th grade last names M-Z

254-7000 ext. 39122


Here are some of the many great resources to support middle school students.  It is by no means all-inclusive, however, may open the door to exploring what may work for you and your child.


Top 20 is the Social Emotional Curriculum we use to teach students in the classroom.  This link explains about how the training helps students be “the best they can be”.


The Parent Toolkit


Naviance- This website is what we use to work with students on college and career guidance.  All students have access using their school username and password.


Parenting with Love and Logic- If you use this website, the parent tab has great articles for parenting.  There are also workshops and books available for purchase.


Mindful Breathing- Students at RMS are taught to use mindfulness as a tool to deal with anxiety and stress, as well as an overall healthy habit to use in times of high emotion.


Thea Nelson

6th Grade Counselor and

7th grade last names M-Z

254-7000 ext. 39122