Counseling Information

Welcome to Redlands Middle School! 

Ready to become a middle school student?  Want to know more about middle school? Then look through this information and complete a few activities to help prepare you!

Redlands Middle School is very excited that you will be joining us next year. Of course, this is not the way we wanted to welcome you, however, we will make it work!


At Redlands Middle School you will have your own locker, you do not have to share.  You will receive the combination for your lock the first day of school and will need to learn how to open it.  You will not need to bring a lock- there will already be one on your locker. 

Watch this video on how to open a combination lock.

Exploratory Classes

These classes, which are sometimes called electives, give you an opportunity to learn about a variety of topics. At RMS we offer:

Physical Education (PE)
Tech Ed

At RMS you will receive all of these classes (except for music) at least one quarter, some more than once, throughout the year.  You will NOT get to choose when or if you will have these electives.   You WILL, however, get to choose if you would like to have a music classNote: if you choose not to take a music option - you  will have PE all year.

The Music Class Options are Choir, Orchestra, and Band.  When you register at RMS we would like to know if you would like one of these three music options.  These three classes are all year (four quarters). For information on our music programs please see the Music at RMS page (link to page is on left side of this page).


We prepared a list of frequently asked questions and answers about middle school.  Please read through it because it will answer a lot of your questions.